Benefits of Skating With a Friend

Benefits of Group Skating Let's be honest, working out can sometimes be a tedious task. It can be a bit difficult to stay motivated and make progress when you're working out on your own. Sometimes, two is simply better than one; and this applies to roller skating as well. While working out alone has its perks, there are many benefits for group skate sessions as well. #1: Fewer Skipped Workouts When the only person you are accountable to is yourself, it becomes pretty easy to skip that workout. Whether you are just not feeling motivated or had a long day, skipping is something most of us are guilty of. However, you will be a lot less likely to skip if you have a roller skate buddy. It become

Be Inspired With Tanya Owner Of SKATEROBICS®

We have had a lot of new and exciting developments recently, which has caused many new people to try skaterobics! In fact, many journalists have visited our classes recently, and seemed to enjoy our fun and upbeat approach to working out. Our all inclusive and energizing classes are catching the eyes of many! Just recently a journalist who writes for the Delta and Turkish airlines interviewed our very own Tanya Dean about SKATEROBICS®. In short, Tanya explains that "Regular going to the gym exercise isn't capturing the attention anymore". Additionally she states that "SKATEROBICS® offers a fun escape", as it allows you to switch things up a bit. Tanya goes on to talk about what a typical beg

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