At SKATEROBICS, we believe in providing students with strong foundations through lessons taught inside the classroom, as well as activities available outside of the classroom. 


You’re invited to take control of your learning to roller skate by  joining our community.  We’ve strived to create the perfect In-person  learning experience for all our participants. From offering classes on various techniques to catering to multiple levels, you’re sure to find that these classes are what you need to become a great skater in a short amount of time.

Our instructors are passionate about improving your skill set .  We help students acquire knowledge, upgrade their skills or even learn something completely new. 


THIS CLASS MUST BE PURCHASED ON EVENTBRITE.  No paypal, venmo or cashapp excepted.


In-Person Classes


12 pm- 2pm
Queens New York

Masks required

Following all covid guidlines


*Limited to 20 students per class. Must wear a mask. Temperatures taken.


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