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Learning how to skate is easier than ever with SKATEROBICS.
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"Praises! Skaterobics is everything you need! bring what skills you have and the rest will be given to you. Skaterobics is a source of Good Orderly Direction where you come and receive what you have been missing. Skaterobics has a fitness level for everyone. One step at a time!."

"All of the instructors are incredible, highly skilled skaters that know how to cater to every skill level. You may advance at your own pace - slowly or quickly - it's all up to you. The environment is friendly and supportive ♡♡"

"Tanya is the best at what she does. I love how she teaches the class and she will make it very easy for you to learn. She builds your confidence up and you will definitely learn something before you leave her class. It doesn't matter what level you are as a skater. I know in my heart I will learn everything I want and need to with Tanya. I highly recommend this class."