Skate At Home

Let's Roller "Skate At Home!"  

In these tumultuous times, staying connected, releasing stress and
having fun is paramount to our health and strength. The healthier we
are the better our bodies can fight. Instead of being in the house
feeling confined all day, dust off those old roller skates and join our

Online Virtual Classes.  These classes can be done in your apartment or house.

 Let’s Roll!!!!





Online Roller Dance 

Classes Via  



Have a blast learning new skate dance steps to a variety of music.

Tuesdays @ 7pm EST

Wednesdays @ 8pm GMT-1

Please arrive 15 minutes early.


Tips & TechniquesClass

Learn FOUNDATIONAL skills to become a confident skater.

Saturdays @ 3pm EST

This is a FREE 40 minute class.

Please arrive 15 minutes early.

Donations Accepted


ROLLER"Skate At Home"

Try these Adult "Online Classes" with us. This will be the most fun activity you will do.

These "Virtual Roller Skate Classes" are designed to be fun and keep us active during these trying times.  Join us on Quad Skates to do some of our favorite skate/dance moves that are designed to promote healthy living while feeling good and having fun.  Let’s lift our mood by getting them endorphins up.

Corona Virus

Scares People

Skate At Home

Exercise Helps Fight Depression

The Healthier

The Stronger Your Body Gets To Fight Any Disease


Get Up

Get Dressed

Get Going

Let's Roll!

Every Tuesday at 7 pm EST Join us for a Virtual Roller "Skate At Home" Experience via Zoom.

These roller skate classes are done "At home" designed to be a fun, dance class on roller skates! We teach all levels of roller skating, roller dance, fancy moves and technique.



A computer, laptop, tablet or phone

A space free of obstacles

Internet Service

Safety gear

We highly recommend using protective gear such as helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards.

Classes will be presented via ZOOM. You will receive a confirmation email with the link to the class after you purchase your class. The Zoom link and password will be provided (1) hour before class begins. Download the app, click on the
Zoom link and it will open. Class will open 20 minutes early for our “Meet and Greet” questions, comments, and tips. 

You've never had this much fun for just $10!

See You on the Wood!

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