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 We have Three Types of Classes

Like the idea of becoming a great roller skater,  but not sure which one of our classes is right for you?  
SKATE "SKILLS" - is for those who just want to get comfortable on wheels or learn fancy footwork (we will keep you off your butt baby).  
SKATE "DANCE "- is for those who want to to do more than just stand on wheels, want to learn dance routines or flourish (think Olympians twirling on ice).  
SKATE "FITNESS" - is for those who want to bring the full heat (this is your high/low - intensity, calorie burning workout with a focus on coordination, balance and stability).  
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Have a blast learning new dance routines to a variety of music.

Tuesdays @ 7pm EST

Wednesdays @ 8pm CET


Please arrive 15 minutes early.



(via Zoom $10)

Learn FOUNDATIONAL skills to become a confident skater.


Saturdays @ 3pm EST

Please arrive 15 minutes early.


These "Online Roller Skate Classes" are designed to be fun and keep us active during these difficult times.  Join us on Quad Skates wherever you are in the world for our live online personal training classes.  


Learn the basics

Roller Dance

Join our live Online Classes

Personal Training

Reach your goals easily with a personal trainer


Get Pumped

Burn Calories

Lose Weight

Let's Roll!

SKATEROBICS Online Live Classes

These roller skate classes are done "At home" designed to be a fun skate classes!

 We teach ALL LEVELS to skate. dance or learn fancy footwork.



A computer, laptop, tablet or phone

A space free of obstacles

Internet Service

Safety gear

We highly recommend using protective gear such as helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards.

Classes will be presented via ZOOM. You will receive a confirmation email with the link to the class after you purchase your class. The Zoom link and password will be provided (1) hour before class begins. Class will open 15 minutes early for our “Meet and Greet” questions, comments, and tips. 

You've never had this much fun for just $10!

Frequently asked questions

What kind of floor is best to skate on?

Wood or concrete is best but anywhere that is flat, smooth, and free from tripping hazards will do. Get that broom out and sweep before you skate!

Will my skates damage my floor?

Clean wheels should not damage your floor. But before you skate, take a close look at your wheels to make sure there are no rocks or other metal stuck in your wheel that could scratch your floor.

Can I use my skates outside?

Yes! Please read more below about outdoor skating surface

What kind of surface should I be looking for outside?

You want smooth and even a surface as possible, free of twigs, rocks, and other debris (bring your broom). If you are wearing soft outdoor wheels you can skate on any outdoor surface but if you have indoor wheels you will want to find smooth asphalt or a painted basketball or tennis court.

Will we be able to see you skating?

Yes you will!

See You on the Wood!

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