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Our roller skating lessons in NYC are magical, liberating and make you feel amazing.


The beauty of our program is that we not only teach beginners how to skate, but we also assist the advanced skater, and those who are coming back after a long hiatus, by helping them enhance, improve and tweak what they already know.  .

Another awesome perk is your entire body benefits while you are learning new skate/dance skills that will stay you with for a lifetime.

Skate, because running sucks.

Low IMPACT, high reward

SKATEROBICS® for all ages and levels who want to have fun, develop their roller skating skills, workout and dance. Classes are broken down into three components:

Master the basics and learn the fundamentals, or get back in the rink safely after a long hiatus.

Burn 600 calories per hour while enhancing coordination, balance and stability.

Rhythmic roller skating dance movements to the sound of music.  It's a calorie torching workout


I'm afraid to fall.

Start slow. We believe that fitness should be fun and easy. We teach you the  fundamentals of roller skating, the importance of great posture, skating without falling, stopping, breathing, balance, coordination, camaraderie and control on and off the rink.


I can dance.

After mastering the basics, the program teaches more advanced skills.  It is a low impact, calorie-torching workout that involves all the major muscle groups. The intensity of the class increases gradually, at your comfort, allowing you to burn up to 750 calories per class.


Lori Sorrentino Almeida

"Tanya Dean you are awesome! And a really good teacher! We really enjoyed our class and the other wonderful ladies."

DarleNE Cole

"Thank you so much for a great lesson/workout! You are one of the best skaters I've ever had the pleasure of sharing a floor with.".



"My Friends have noticed I've gotten so much better since I've been to SKATEROBICS."


"It's been more than 25 years since I've been on Skates.  SKATEROBICS is amazing."



Thoughts from the coolest skaters we know.



Play. Grow. Glow.

182 Bethpage-Sweet Hollow Rd, Old Bethpage, NY 11804

Is Bethpage more convenient?

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