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Verizon Fios1 News Spreads the Word About SKATEROBICS®

Rollerskating is on the rise and well on its way to making a comeback in New York City. As the word and reputation of rollerskating spreads so does the interest in our heart pounding, calorie burning, merry making SKATEROBICS® classes. Local news outlet Verizon Fios1 stopped by our weekly Neon Sweat class at Hot Skates in July to learn more about what gets our wheels spinning.

Our own empress of skate Tanya Dean was on hand to explain the health benefits, both physical and mental, of rollerskating, "It just energizes you, it's all the benefits of aerobics but you get to roller skate!" SKATEROBICS® classes provide the same cardiovascular challenge, calorie burn and aerobic benefit of running without straining and damaging joints, making it an ideal low impact workout for people of all fitness levels.

Tanya goes on to explain to Verizon Fios why she launched SKATEROBICS® and the message of inclusion behind the brand, "You can be a beginner, intermediate or advanced to take this class. We have 18 all the way up to 80, there is no age limit to who can come here. I decided to create something that would allow all cultures, all people, men and women to just come and have fun - that's what SKATEROBICS® is about, skating and having fun and socializing, networking and being fit at the same time."

In addition to being undeniably mood boosting, SKATEROBICS® classes are scaled to suit the experience levels of all. Whether you’re stepping back in the rink for the first time since middle school or you’re confident enough to do the electric slide on four wheels, SKATEROBICS® is for you.

Join us at Hot Skates every Friday from 8:30-10PM and see what all the fun is about. Your class price also includes four hours of additional instructor free skate time from 10p-2AM. Contact Tanya Dean to inquire about private lessons and corporate team building SKATEROBICS® sessions.

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