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2 Locations That Prove Roller Skating Isn't Just For Kids.

Hotskates Roller rink in Queens NY has an adult skate session on Thursday evenings from 9 to 1 am and on Friday evenings from 10pm to 2am. St. John Recreation center in Brooklyn NY currently have roller skating lessons and "pop up" skate sessions for adults.


* Want to learn how to skate?

* Get back into skating?

* Take your skating skills to another level?

* Learn tips, tools and techniques to become a better skater?


* Afraid of falling?

* Scared you won't fit in?

* Concerned you're to old to skate?

Our SKATEROBICS®️ classes and lessons are currently being offered at these 2 locations. We help people become strong and confident in their ability to roller skate.

Once you come and experience a class it's a powerful life changing experience. The energy, atmosphere and social setting, tap into your "inner child" which allows you to have fun in a safe and secure environment.

You're never to old to have fun.....


14 Merrick rd. Lynbrook L.I. 1251 Prospect Place Bklyn

Friday evenings 8:30 to 10:pm Sunday 1:30pm to 3:30pm

No appt necessary. Tuesday 6pm to 8:30pm

Skates are available *Membership required*

#646-844-2807 #718-771-2787

{CAN book a class on website} {CAN NOT book a class on website}

***Private Lessons are available. Must call 646-844-28707 to make an appointment.***

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