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SKATEROBICS®........Make Skating Fun Again.

What is it about SKATEROBICS®️ that makes it so awesome?  Our members will tell you that it isn't just one thing, but a variety of things that we do that make us great.  

We recently asked one of our clients Juliet, what is it that she loves about the class and here is her response...., " I like the fact that you have different levels for beginners, intermediate and advanced skaters.  Your staff is very patient but rigorous. I like that you are training us to skate and not allowing us to be all over the place.  It's a true workout, and its lots of fun.  Adult workout!!!.  The participants are friendly and the instructors are patient and always willing to assist."

We at SKATEROBICS®️ make everyone feel at home while learning in a safe and friendly environment.  

Rollerskating in NYC is making a comeback and SKATEROBICS®️ classes and private lessons are making it America's favorite pastime once again.  Please come join us to learn to skate while socializing and having good clean fun. 

Tell us about you:

What's your favorite childhood memory about rollerskating?

If you never skated before would you be willing to try something new, fun and exciting?

We have classes every Friday evening from 8:30mto 10pm at Hotskates roller rink 14 Merrick rd.  We promise after taking one class you will be hooked.  Come on by.  We look forward to seeing you.

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