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A Valuable Lesson $

Rollerskating in NYC and all over the globe is making a comeback.  The joy on peoples  face when they put their skates on reminds us of old times and the innocence of life when we were growing up.  We didn't  have a care in the world.

Today Rollerskating still makes us feel like we don't have a care in the world once we lace up and get out on the wood. 

SKATEROBICS® was created to bring the joy back into rolller skating in a safe, happy and creative environment.  

This Friday 9/8/17 is our 1st year Anniversary at Hotskates Roller rink, in Lynbrook LI.  To give back to our wonderful clients we are offering HALF OFF  for admission  to the class (8:30 to 10pm) which includes the skate session afterwards (10 to 2am). 

We would love for you to join us. No appointment necessary and skates are available.  

All are welcome.  18 years and older. 

Call today 645-844-2807 for price of admission.

IG: skaterobics

Twitter: @skaterobics


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