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Why you Should Try SKATEROBICS® with Tanya


You may be asking yourself, what is skaterobics? It’s a workout method that is becoming extremely popular, and it is actually fun to do! This popular workout combines roller skating and dance, which makes it enjoyable to participate in. You can improve your heart health, all while learning rhythmic routines and building endurance.

This class is for all ages, and it allows you to take a break from your redundant workout routine and try something a little different. Classes are also offered for all levels of skaters, so you won’t feel overwhelmed if it is your first time putting on the skates.

How Beginners Can Start

So we have peaked your interest, but how can you get started? What should you expect? Well you can start by booking a skaterobics class where you can learn the basics in a fun, safe environment. If you are feeling a bit nervous, don’t worry!We have certified instructors waiting to help talk you through the initial nervousness so you can start working out and having fun.

You can get the opportunity to learn something new, all while improving your coordination, endurance, and self confidence. Many beginners may also be nervous about falling when they put on the skates. However, there are always instructors willing to help you get a hang of your balance and give you instructions on how you can improve. So don’t worry if you aren’t exactly a pro at skating, this is a fun environment where you can learn the skills you need in order to progress.

The Goal

Whether you are here to get in shape, have fun, or simply get out of the house; this class is for you. This class is all about creating and experiencing something new, there is no competition because everyone is here for their own reasons.

We know that doing the same old fitness routine can get a bit boring, so we wanted to shake things up a bit. Skaterobics is something you can actually enjoy doing, which makes it a fitness routine that is actually sustainable.

The Benefits

SKATEROBICS® has so many benefits, both physically and mentally. SKATEROBICS® can:

  • Improve your balance, coordination, and control

  • Good for your mood

  • Strengthens your heart

  • Improves your endurance

  • Can be a social activity

  • Burns calories

  • Easy on your joints

  • Builds muscle definition

  • Helps prevent injuries

  • Reduces Stress

These are just a few of the basic benefits of skating, so get out there and give it a try!

What to Expect

So what can you expect from a typical class? SKATEROBICS® focuses on teaching you the skills you need to succeed. We often practice drills, move around, and get comfortable while we learn new moves. You learn all the skills you need through repetition and practice! We practice our drills while listening to energizing music so we can raise our heart rates and build endurance.

There will always be instructors there to help you learn and master your skills so you can become a better skater. Overall, skaterobics is about having a good time in a diverse and beautiful social environment. It gives a chance to get out and be active, and helps remind you of the joys of learning something new.

About Tanya

Tanya is a certified trainer and skater instructor who has a lot of experience and passion for what she does. She focuses on building a client relationship based on trust, so you can practice SKATEROBICS® in a fun and safe environment.

If you are interested in learning more about SKATEROBICS® and its many benefits, I encourage you to check out our blog. If you are ready to give SKATEROBICS® a try, you can book a class and start learning the basics! So many people have benefited from this class, so come check out what we have to offer!

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