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Be Inspired With Tanya Owner Of SKATEROBICS®

We have had a lot of new and exciting developments recently, which has caused many new people to try skaterobics! In fact, many journalists have visited our classes recently, and seemed to enjoy our fun and upbeat approach to working out.

Our all inclusive and energizing classes are catching the eyes of many! Just recently a journalist who writes for the Delta and Turkish airlines interviewed our very own Tanya Dean about SKATEROBICS®.

In short, Tanya explains that "Regular going to the gym exercise isn't capturing the attention anymore". Additionally she states that "SKATEROBICS® offers a fun escape", as it allows you to switch things up a bit.

Tanya goes on to talk about what a typical beginners class consists of.

She explains that "You can't get to the dance and exercise part if you don't stand up", emphasizing the importance of the basics.

A typical class lasts around 45 minutes; usually including drills around the rink and rhythmic routines to soulful hip hop.

Media Exposure

We have had quite a bit of media exposure on SKATEROBICS® in the past year!

This has really helped to get the word out and encourage people to come check out what we have to offer.

Verison Fios1 visited us last year and participated in our Neon Sweat class at Hot Skates.

During this occasion, Tanya explained the many benefits of SKATEROBICS® as well as the reason why she launched the class.

She states that "You can be a beginner, intermediate or advanced to take this class.

We have 18 all the way up to 80, there is no age limit to who can come here. I decided to create something that would allow all cultures, all people, men and women to just come and have fun - that's what SKATEROBICS® is about, skating and having fun and socializing, networking and being fit at the same time".

SKATEROBICS® is for all ages and levels, any one can participate in it and enjoy doing it.

Tanya also explains the many benefits of skaterobics, which include:

  • Burning Calories

  • Increasing your Endurance

  • Heart Health

  • Easy on your Joints

  • Improved Balance

Tanya explained to Verizon Fios1 that skaterobics " Just energizes you, it's all the benefits of aerobics but you get to roller skate".

Even more a reason to try out SKATEROBICS® for yourself. Tanya is leading a dynamic fitness class that is not only a great workout but a great time to enjoy with your friends, family or anyone that's in the class.

Check out SKATEROBICS® by clicking here to learn more!

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