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Benefits of Skating With a Friend

Benefits of Group Skating

Let's be honest, working out can sometimes be a tedious task. It can be a bit difficult to stay motivated and make progress when you're working out on your own.

Sometimes, two is simply better than one; and this applies to roller skating as well. While working out alone has its perks, there are many benefits for group skate sessions as well.

#1: Fewer Skipped Workouts

When the only person you are accountable to is yourself, it becomes pretty easy to skip that workout. Whether you are just not feeling motivated or had a long day, skipping is something most of us are guilty of. However, you will be a lot less likely to skip if you have a roller skate buddy.

It becomes a lot more difficult to bail when you know someone is counting on you to show up. Working out with a friend gives you that extra level of accountability. Not to mention it will motivate you to work hard and stay on track.

#2: You'll Push Yourself Further

Skating with another person will make you work much harder. You can even get the benefits of this through a virtual fitness community, however it is amplified when working side by side with a friend. Roller skating with a group or with a friend pushes you to do your skating to the best of your ability.

If you happen to be with a friend who is a bit stronger or faster than you, it will push you to work harder. So try and find someone who is just a step above your skate fitness level to experience the biggest benefits.

#3: Experiment More

It's pretty easy to get stuck in the habit of doing the same old workout routine over and over again.

However, when you workout with a friend you are a lot more likely to try new things. When working out with a friend, they can give you that extra confidence boost you need and serve as a spotter when trying something new.

You can ask your friend to share their go-to moves and switch up your routine a little bit to keep your body on its toes. One of the group workouts that has become extremely popular is SKATEROBICS®️. If you are looking for an exercise that's new and fun, you should definitely give it a try.

Benefits of Working Out With a Friend

#4: Enjoy Yourself More

Working out with a buddy is just more fun, plain and simple. You will be a lot less likely to dread that upcoming workout if its in a group or with a friend. Time flies when you are having fun. So you may even workout longer than you planned if you do it with a friend.

Additionally, you will burn a lot more calories if you workout with a friend. You will find yourself working out harder and for longer, which in turn will burn quite a bit more calories. Find exercises that you enjoy doing, and they will become even more enjoyable when you do them with a friend.

The Takeaway

In the end, it's just a lot more fun to skate in a group or with a friend. When you roller skate with a friend you will push yourself harder, enjoy yourself more, and skip less. So get out there and find a skate buddy or a skate roller dance class!

If you are looking for a fun and enjoyable group exercise, check out SKATEROBICS®!

We have classes for all levels so don't be afraid to get involved. We encourage you to book a class and start skating your way to your fitness goals.

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